Top 10 Tips in putting together your hotel programme


If you are running your companies hotel programme, here are our top 10 tips to help you on your way to a successful RfP

1. Work from your historic MI

Look where your bookers are currently staying. This gives a good indication preferences and where a corporate rate would be best placed. Choose 5 hotels that support your policy.

2. Don’t exaggerate room night potential

Don’t be tempted to bump up the numbers; in the long run this doesn’t do much good. Under delivering on volumes compromises trust, and can make renegotiation the next year a bit trickier. If hotels don’t see production they could pull a rate.

3. Try to consolidate the amount of hotels

Volume is important to hotels. This is diluted if there are too many ‘preferred’ hotels on your programme. Keep the numbers down to drive volume and reward hotels for their preferred rates.

4. Look for LRA on rates

If a rate is too low it can mean it is the first one to be closed out as soon as the hotel start to fill. Ask for an LRA rate, (Last Room Availability). As long as they have that room type available your rate will be available to book. Better having a slightly higher LRA rate than a very low one which is never available,

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